The Village of Lansing’s own television channel is available to anyone in Lansing who has access to cable TV or the Internet. Originally dubbed Lansing’s Neighborhood Network (LNN), the Channel 4 logo was added when Comcast’s channel 4 became the primary Village access channel.
Since those early days, many village residents have chosen other carriers for their television viewing. No problem! You can still receive LNN-TV, Channel 4!

Here is how you can view the up-to-date programs, announcements, bulletins, community calendar, and news flashes of LNN-TV (Channel 4):
Comcast cable subscribers. Just flip to Channel 4!
If you subscribe to AT&T U-verse, navigate to the “government channels” and choose Lansing – LNN-TV, Channel 4.

Is Direct TV your service? Another provider? You only watch broadcast TV over the air? You can still access LNN-TV programs directly over the Internet!

Just take these steps:
– Access the Internet via your computer, smart phone, or home network.
Click here to be taken to the Village’s LNN Channel on Youtube.

So, don’t miss any of the daily or weekly programs on your Lansing Neighborhood Network. Wherever you are, come join us!